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how to crochet star wrist warmers

I have linked the video tutorial from my YouTube channel, and you should find the written instructions below.


  • weight 4 (medium yarn) in 2 colors

  • 3 mm crochet hook

  • 4 mm crochet hook

  • darning needle

  • scissors


ch - chain

sl st - slip stitch

sc - single crochet

hdc - half double crochet

dc - double crochet

tc - treble crochet

blo hdc - back loop only half double crochet


Start with your 4 mm hook and your main color yarn.

Bottom Ribbing:

Ch 12

Sc into the second loop from your hook, continue sc until the end of the row

Chain 1, blo hdc into each stitch for the entire row

Repeat the previous step until the panel fits snug around your wrist

Connect ends of the panel together with an additional sc row (if you are confused, please refer to video above)

Main Body:

Round 1:

Ch 2, hdc across the top of the ribbing

Sl st into first stitch of the row

Round 2:

Ch 2, hdc across row

Sl st into first stitch of the row

Round 3 - 5:

Repeat Round 2

Round 6:

Sl st into the next stitch adjacent to your hook

Hdc until there is one stitch left and don't crochet into the last stitch of the row

Round 7:

Ch 2, turn your work, hdc across row

Round 8-9:

Repeat Round 7

On your 9th round, sl st into the first stitch of the row to connect the gap together

Round 10:

Ch 2, hdc across row

Sl st into first stitch of row

Fasten off

Round 11:

Take your accent color yarn and attach it to the top of the work with a sl st

Sc 1 row, then sl st into the first stitch

Fasten off

Flip your work inside out.

Star Applique:

Now, you will use your 3 mm hook and your accent color yarn.

Create a magic circle and ch 3

14 dc into the magic circle, pull tail to cinch circle

Ch 5, sc into 2nd loop from hook, hdc, dc, tc, sl st into the 3rd stitch from your chain

Repeat previous step 4x for each "point" of the star

Fasten off

Assembling it all together:

Use a darning needle and your accent color yarn to stitch the star onto the top of your wrist warmer.

Please refer to the YouTube video for specific details.

Repeat the process once more to create your second wrist warmer.

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